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Trainings and Consultation

We can helk you with 1 hour consultation or multiple day marketing workshop and training. Marko (MBA) and Olesija (EMBA) have conducted hundreds of trainings separately and also together.


Effective content marketing and social media campaign needs good strategy. We can help you create your own social media marketing strategy: objective, target group, value, channels, languages, content types and management. We are also good in execution of the strategy!


Giveaways, banner campaigns, landing pages, sales campaigns, games and apps, promotions – this has been our everyday work for more than 8 years. We offer most effective marketing solution based on your budget and objectives. We are very passionate about what we do.

Content Marketing

If you lack time or skills to create content and communicate with your followers in your social media channels then give that task to us! We do that gladly for you. We write, shoot clips, take pictures, design posts, boost, optimize, measure, communicate, analyze – achieve the objectives with content marketing

Influencer marketing

We offer influencer marketing complete and bespoke solution for our clients. We create strategy, find suitable influencers, work out creative solutions with them, boost, measure and analyse so that everybody wins.

Photo and Video

Nowadays you cant do marketing in Facebook and Instagram without professional looking high quality photo and video content. Our video guy Kert and photographer Anete will do their best to make your competition jelaus.

Apps and Landingpages

Idea, design, development, content. Mini websites, apps, games, campaign landingpages etc. Quizes, polls, competitions, lotteries, votings, games of chance, generators, integrations, chatbots etc. Sky is the limit.


Design is primarily an indispensible part of content creation, banners, campaigns, and applications, but our designers Artur and Tomas also help clients with design questions outside of social media. Job postings, banners, email templates, infographics, poster, stickers – just ask!


  • Artur Falgot
    Artur Falgotdesigner / project manager

    I’ll be glad to help you develop an eye-catching design and find creative solutions for all your social media channels. In my free time I’m into music and sports. Do you want your clients to notice you?

  • Olesija Saue
    Olesija Sauestrategist / trainer

    I digitise B2B sales processes. I create strategies, instruct, and assist with execution. My guiding principle is that social sales are like finding the ideal partner – no kissing on the first date! 🙂

  • Tiina Still

    Hi-Moi! My name is Tiina, I’m Finnish and have been living in Estonia for 15 years. I create content for clients who want to conquer Finnish market. Get in touch and let’s find out together how to achieve your objectives.

  • Kert Kruusakivi
    Kert KruusakiviPhoto / Video

    I’m Kert and I deal with everything that has to do with photography and video! I’ve also been captivated for years with all things connected to social media. Click-click!

  • Kristjan Heinmets
    Kristjan Heinmets
  • Karl Kukner
    Karl Kuknerproject lead

    My everyday work is getting results for clients – through large marketing campaigns, social media applications, landing pages, banner campaigns and also small wall post games.


    Tiaré here! My ideas are flying and my actions are focused while creating attractive content to your social media channels. I enjoy details and design, I get inspired by all interesting things and the best ideas come to me in nature and while beating a boxing bag.  Let’s work together!

  • Marko Saue
    Marko Sauecreative director / manager

    I advise, train, and assist clients to accomplish their goals with productive and creative campaign solutions. Effective marketing is my passion.

  • Keili Kase
    Keili KaseGoogle Ads specialist

    I am here to use Google Ads features in your favor! I enjoy using my experience to create outstanding, engaging and revenue oriented Google Ads campaigns specially for You.

  • Maarika Roosi

    Elukutselt olen fotograaf, kuid minu jaoks eriti põnev on just panustada oma ideede ja loomega teiste sotsmeedia sisuloomesse!

  • Katrina Korving
    Katrina KorvingProject manager / content creator

    I create engaging content and striking visuals. Social media content creation is my job as well as my hobby. I’m always waiting for the next exciting project and its challenges.

  • Aigi Lehtla
    Aigi LehtlaOn mother's leave 😍

    My social media toolbox has many effective instruments that help me execute successful marketing operations. Let’s get together, make a plan, and measure the results!

  • Aija Kivi

    Olen lõpetanud ehtekunsti eriala Eesti Kunstiakadeemias ning kohe ka sotsiaalmeedia spetsialisti eriala Tallinna Majanduskoolis. Lisaks pikale kogemusele moevallas pakuvad mulle väga huvi jätkusuutlikud eluviisid ja tervise teadlik edendamine.


Influencers Club

Goal Influencers Club

🎉 GOAL INFLUENCERS CLUB 🎉 Kutsume kõiki ägedate brändidega koostööst huvitatud suuremaid ja väiksemaid Influencereid liituma Goal Influencers Club'ga. Saada sõnum Goali Instasse või kirjuta olesija@goal.eeSuured tänud kõigile esimesel klubiõhtul osalejatele! You Rock! 😍🤘Video eest müts maha Kert Kruusakivi ees! 🎩🎥

Posted by GOAL - Social Media Marketing on Reede, 19. Oktoober 2018

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